Light Mark Units

The special hologram design of the units illumination surface ensures long-distance visibility as if it was installed above surface. “Surface-Level” installation contributes to road safety. Light vehicles such as motorcycles are very vulnerable to uneven road surfaces, especially at hight speeds. Surface-Level models are less prone to wear and tear which last longer than conventional on-surface devices.

Lightmark T1 and Lightmark T2 provide illumination by both electronic LED and reflective surface and are avilable in a variety Of casing materials Dual marking by electronic illumination and a reflective surface ensures maximum visibility.

Long life of more than 10 years and wide operating temperature range, it can be installed anywhere. Installation itself is very easy. Different from 12V low voltage lighting requiring wiring, it can be placed anywhere you want it to be without range constraints of wire. When it is installed on the surface of garden, driveway, garden path or any place, it will not only beautify the landscape but also guide the pedestrian traffic or light vehicular traffic.

SolarPath LightMark products are built according to the SolarPath quality philosophy, using only the highest quality LEDs, capacitors, electronic circuits and casing materials. Longer product life equals better return on investment. LightMark M1 is a unique product designed for the marking of any road structure or obstacle that requires driver attention. LightMark M1 is available in a variety of LED colors, steady or flashing configurations, and with an optional passive reflective surface.